The little kid seems so cute and innocent, and he is running around happily with a net in hand, catching something in the air. His name is 1023. People around have no idea that their data are being collected by 1023's net. As you follow him closely to see what is he up to, he suddenly turns around and reveals his evil face. Turns out 1023 is the hiding big ugly spider's (metaphor of the big techs) helper. 1023 is the representation of the data safety issue we are experiencing in the 20th century.
Me and my teammates Yuan and Shirley, continued to bring the storyboard we came up with to the AR world using Adobe Aero, After Effects, Procreate, Photoshop and Maya. We started by drawing our main character "1023" in Procreate with different layers, then I brought the layers to Photoshop for further manipulation, and then brought them to After Effects for 2D animation.  I created the spider in Maya and imported it to Aero. Finally, we imported the animated files as an image sequence and edited the whole story in Aero.

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